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Black Clover 303 Chapter Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan Release Date

You have overwhelming strength? That’s fine. We got the numbers and we got the motive. A united front against Megicula is proving to be very useful. We are reminded of the strength that comes from unity. Black Clover 303 will probably be the stage where this incomplete Megicula falls flat on her face.

It has been weeks since the announcement of the Black Clover movie. Ever since then, we have been kept in darkness. We are all very excited about this movie and hopefully, we will receive more news about it soon.

We would like to remind you, this movie is very crucial for the continuation of the series.

Asta looks in awe as everyone arrives in time to fight against Megicula. He himself contributed a lot to this fight, even though his presence was very brief. Right now, Asta is entrusted with the body of Lolopechka and we all know that he will do his best to protect the Princess.

We saw that Asta, Luck, and Magna met up after the fight against Dante. But Magna has disappeared once more. Is he and Zora accompanying Nacht?

Are they trying to save Yami and William in order to stop the progression of the Qliphoth? We will find out.

Black Clover 303

Fans are very curious about the final triad – Zenon. We will probably land on him once this battle with Megicula comes to a conclusion. How well do you think Yuno is holding up? Will he and his spirit manage to defeat the villain in front?

The Spade Kingdom Invasion arc has turned out to be a massive one. So much set up, so many characters and their abilities, and such a grand narrative.

Fans must be enjoying themselves a lot. Black Clover Manga 303 or 304 will probably close out this Megicula phase.

Talking about anime, Black Clover Episode 171 will return soon.

Black Clover Chapter 303 Raw Scans

Black Clover has been delayed one week. Shueisha is celebrating another holiday, and most of its titles and employees have a week off. That includes Yuki Tabata sensei.

Black Clover 303 raw scans are released in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump version on August 18, 2021. These will be in Japanese since the series originates in Japan.

Most fans can’t read the raws, hence the translations. The illegal English fan translations of the series should be out within August 21, 2021. We can’t recommend reading them.

What we do recommend are the official Black Clover Chapter 303 English scans. These will be out on August 23, 2021. You can find them on Viz, Mangaplus website, and the Shonen Jump app.

One Piece 1022 and My Hero Academia Chapter 323 will be out the same day.

Black Clover Manga 303 Predictions:

As we said earlier, Captain Rill is a fantastic support provider. He amps up the power of his allies and he himself creates enough magic to kill the soldiers. However, there are too many.

Fortunately, more allies join the fight and they all get powered up. Black Clover 303 will show how the Invasion team tears through Megicula’s soldiers.

Why was so much help required?

Even in her imperfect state, Megicula is terrifyingly strong. Her 100 soldiers prove to be quite substantial. Even with Rill’s help, both Charlotte and Noelle had to fight their way through.

Unfortunately, neither has enough magic left to endure this sort of fight. They must get to Megicula and end the source!

And thus, the help from Luck and Gaja is invaluable. They interrupt the soldiers and create a clean path for Noelle. She can save her strength and go attack Megicula.

Black Clover 303 will show Noelle fight the Devil once more – this time she has her brother assisting in the fight!

Will Gaja survive after this?

Things seem really bad for Gaja. The man used up most of his life force to attack Megicula. It has nearly killed him. In fact, Gaja himself believes that he will die soon. And so, he keeps exerting himself.

All the power he has, he is using it to help Noelle and Charlotte. Black Clover Chapter 303 might show him collapse from all this exertion.

We need a healer for Gaja. Someone with substantial power might manage to save him. Otherwise, this is the end of the line for him. We have a feeling that Lolopechka might save her poor attendant.

Can Noelle beat the Devil?

 Even in her incomplete state, Megicula is still keeping up. Once more, she parried Noelle and attacked with her own powers. Noelle was about to suffer a lot of damage.

But she was saved right in time. Nozel Silva has entered the fight.

Nozel is someone who deeply loved his mother. He has finally found the Devil who caused her death. The man must be burning with rage inside.

So he will assist his sister in Black Clover Chapter 303. Together, the siblings will challenge the despicable devil and avenge their dead mother.

We believe it will be tough but with their combined power, they can bring down Megicula. But this will have repercussions.

We know that eventually, megicula will return with her full strength. At that point, she will probably target these two siblings first!

Black Clover 303 Spoilers

We are continuously searching the internet for spoilers – but right now, there are none available. You see, there are a lot of fake ones, but we only post the confirmed spoilers.

Black Clover chapter 303 spoilers will be shared in this section within August 20, 2021. That is because we get to confirm them from the raws. So we request you to keep an eye on our website Recent Highlights.


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