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A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 175: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read?

A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 reveals the previous battle between Demon Crow and Arzeria. Azeria realizes that Crow is like a shark that never let go of what it has bite. He saw that Crow uses an explosive spell to file the scene, and he has to stop it and protect everyone. Arzeria uses his body as a shield to lessen the blow and save everyone, but he is the only one who is injured. Crow managed to escape and left his opponent on the ground. From A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Specia’s latest chapter, Arzeria heard what Crow said before leaving.

Crow is worried about Desir Arman, and his underlings tell him that they will take care of Desir after he recovers it since he will die instantly if he fights Desir in his state. The underlings thought was that the high-level Homunculus would defeat Desir Arman. They realize that if Homunculus gets defeated, Crow can someone the other Homunculus stronger than the current one. Azaria heard that and realizes that Desir is in danger. Crow reveals that he wants to see Desir’s dead body with his eyes.

Arzeria realizes that he is immobilized and cannot do anything, and he must warn Desir about the other monsters since there is a lot of Homunculus. He lost consciousness, and the doctor came and took him. After a few months, Arzeria wakes up and warns the doctors about the other Homunculus. The doctor sends the message to the higher-ups, and the message reaches Desir. Desir thought it was over since they had defeated the Homunculus they faced a few days ago. Desir head to Arzeria’s room, where the doctor is treating him.

Previously on A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 174

Arzeria telld Desir what the doctors has told him. Desir decides to talk about that problem with his master and tells Azeria to relax and regain his strength before they conclude. He told Kelt to take care of Azeria since he had something to do, and Kelt guaranteed Arzeria’s safety. Azeria reminds Desir not to be overconfident, and Desir reminds him to worry about healing his body, not the battle. In the other room, Desir wonders how manny Homunculus is out there and how strong they are. He realizes that the one they have defeated has given them a hard time, but he is not glad to acquire the 4th magic circle.

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Chapter 175

A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special

Desir wonders what he will do when he faces the next Homunculus and wonders who manny will the enemy summon. He heard a voice talking and wondered who the lady was talking to. That lady reveals that she was not expecting to meet with the mighty hero. Desir realizes that the lady is using a Southern accent and realizes that is the way they speak where she comes from since they first talk and them greet someone. He asks her who she is and what she wants.

The lady replies that she came to see the famous Desir Arman and wonders why Desir is not attacking when a stranger is attacking him. She thinks that it is enough and she will meet him soon. That lady vanishes, and Desir wonders if it is ”her.” He wonders why she said they would meet again and realizes that the lady is part of the royal guard. At the Divine Kingdom, Crow recovered and talked with one of the masked underlings who Desir will kill. He thinks he should kill the masked guy before Desir does.

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A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 Release Date

A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 will be released on 28 November 2021. The masked guy told Crow that it is suitable for his health not to talk about killing. They talked about the secrets of the Divine Kingdom and the official that were killed since they go against the king. The masked guy reveals that he demoted Aron, the leader of the Divide team. He thinks that Aron is useful for their plans. Let’s look at A Returner’s-Magic Should Be Special Chapter 175 official details.

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Chapter 175

A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special

Read A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read A Returner’s-Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 online on various websites. Crow wanted the guy to leave since he was annoying him, and the guy reveals that the land has changed since Desir has acquired the 4th magic circle. In the basement, a monstrous scary guy arrives. A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 spoilers will release this weekend. Let’s meet when A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 175 is released.

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