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86 Eighty-Six Episode 19 Delayed Again! But Why? New Release Date

It was only last week that the 18th episode of 86 Eighty-SixEighty-Six aired after a week-long hiatus. The reason behind the break was said to be some ‘production issues’ in the episode. History is repeating itself this week as yet another announcement comes from the makers of the series. In the latest update by the showrunners, it was revealed that 86 Eighty-Six Episode 19 will also be on a hiatus. So, what is the reason for the second break? What is happening behind the scenes? Here is all you need to know about the update.

86 Eighty-Six Season 1 Part began broadcasting on October 2, 2021. The first eight episodes of the series aired without breaks. However, since the 18th episode, many factors have contributed to the delay in the releases. Keep reading further to find out what is hindering the timely release of the episodes.

86 Eighty-Six Episode 19

86 Eighty-Six Episode 19 Delayed!

The news comes from the official website of the 86 light novel. In the statement released by the makers of the anime, it was revealed that the 19th episode of the series was going to be on a hiatus. The note also mentioned that in place of the episode, the networks would air a special program from the same franchise. Not much was revealed about this special program. However, it can be assumed that this might also be a “visual commentary” program like the previous one.

Why Was Episode 19 Delayed?

The second consecutive hiatus in the release seeks the same reason as the last one. The note revealed that the 86 Eighty-Six anime series is going through some “production issues.” As a result of this, the episode will take longer than a week to find a release. These constant breaks have caused a stir over the internet. Reddit and Twitter threads are filled with people discussing the nature of these production issues.

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86 Eighty-Six Episode 19

In most cases, shows often finish production work months before release. However, in this case, the series is going on a hiatus twice in a row. Thus, it can be assumed that the show is going through some post-production work in the animation department. As speculated earlier, these hiatuses are bound to continue in the future as well.

86 Eighty-Six Episode 19: New Release Date

The nineteenth episode of 86 Eighty-Six was scheduled to release on November 27, 2021. However, the episode has now been delayed by a week. This means that the outing will now release on December 4, 2021. Moreover, the special recap program that was slated to release this week is now pushed ahead. Now, the special episode will air on the hiatus day, which is November 27, 2021. In case of rescheduling, we will be sure to update this section accordingly. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.