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▷ Was BTS Racist Towards Sza?

BTS is now under fire for Sza making a comment about her meeting with the K-pop group that led to allegations of racism. However, it looks like it’s just a big misunderstanding.

BTS attended Harry Styles’ concert, along with other VIPs. Despite being the event for the former One Direction member, V caught the eye and interacted with fans and his peers Lizzo and Sza.

Knowing how respectful V was towards others despite the cultural and linguistic differences, he accompanied Lizzo throughout the concert. He even hugged Sza so she wouldn’t feel left out.

Lizzo was obviously enjoying his company, as you can see from their now viral videos on the internet. Fans and even non-fans praised the 25-year-old singer for his sweet gestures.

However, Sza’s statement about her interaction with BTS that they didn’t care, misled everyone. The group received a lot of racist comments as a result.

She answered fans’ questions about meeting BTS but said: It didn’t interest her. She later stated that they didn’t know her, even though they were nice anyway.

AllKpop later noticed that she was putting up a lie that she had no interaction with Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, even though there were clips to prove that V was hugging her. As a result, their fans began to criticize the idols and throw racist slurs at them.

As expected, ARMY jumped up to defend the group, along with Styles’ fans. They held the now viral videos as evidence to protect the butter hitmaker’s image, as reported by HITC.

Some speculated that the language barrier between the two parties could be the reason for the minimal interaction. The concert could also have been too loud for them to hear each other.

In addition, Styles stood on stage and performed; nobody wanted to miss his performance. Just like BTS, Sza received a ton of hateful comments so her best friend Lizzo couldn’t help but intervene.

Lizzo confirmed that the now-deleted Don’t Care comment happened. She even stated that she sang Sza’s hit Kiss Me More in V’s ear so that he would remember her.

To do this, she used the hashtag #LEAVESZAALONE. However, ARMY had no intention of backing down and made Sza remember J-Hope playing her song on the livestream for his birthday.

At the time, she even posted the song on her Instagram stories. Fans used this as further proof that BTS knows Sza and even appreciates her work.


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