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▷ True Story Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

True Story, developed by Eric Newman and directed by Stephen Williams and Hanelle M. Culpepper, is a tightly woven crime series that unfolds in real time. The story follows the larger-than-life comedian and actor Kid, whose new film has passed the billion dollar mark. But when he flies to his hometown to perform, he gets into real trouble. The kid meets his estranged older brother, who gets him drunk and sets him up with a local girl.

But the girl appears to be dying in Kids’ bed, and the story gets out of hand in no time. While the Kid is busy washing the blood off his hands, he experiences a few more surprises. The star-studded ensemble includes Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes, Theo Rossi and Billy Zane, and the exuberant story is kept in a noir setting. While the first episode rounds the story off very nicely, you may be curious about the prospects of another season. In this case we will keep you informed.

True Story Season 2 release date

The first season of True Story was released on November 24, 2021 Netflix published in full. The first season consists of seven episodes with running times between 27 and 58 minutes per episode. Now let’s think about the possibilities of a second season.

Eric Newman, known from Narcos, developed the series himself based on an idea by Kevin Hart. Both Kevin Hart and Newman are executive producers on the series. If we look at Kevin Hart’s comedic career, he’s starred in action comedy films, dramas, and animated films, but this series is leaving the fun terrain and taking a darker path. Hence, it seems like a pivotal moment in the actor’s career and Kevin shines on the show by playing a version of himself. With the support of a slew of industry veterans, the chemistry is right and the series takes on a new meaning.

The initial reactions from the audience and the critics were also laudatory, and they couldn’t get enough of the brilliant ensemble. The dark tone of the series, coupled with an insider’s view of the industry, also impressed the fans very much. Despite its threatening appearance, the series is refreshing and exciting and was able to establish itself on the streaming platform shortly after its publication. At the reception there were no contradictions, because everyone was thrilled that the series deals with racist and family issues in the guise of a crime story.

The ending rounds the story off nicely, however, and leaves little room for further exploration. In the tense and escalating finale, a stadium becomes the scene of a massacre. Carlton dies at the end of the cerebral final act, but Kid gets out of the situation pretty much unscathed thanks to his presence of mind and management skills. Kid stays calm, tying up any loose ends, and the finale brings us back to the opening speech. This closes the circle and there would be no need to expand the story any further.

In addition, the series was designed as a limited series, which makes the possibility of a subsequent season all the more unlikely. After weighing all of this, it seems highly unlikely that True Story Season 2 will ever see the light of day. As a fan, you won’t be disappointed with this, as Kevin Hart may take on more challenging roles in the years to come.


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