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▷ Tower of God Chapter 519: release date, spoilers, and where to read

Tower Of God Chapter 519: release date, spoilers, and where to read

Chapter 519 of The Tower of God reveals the mystery behind Ha Jinsung’s sealing. Evankhell is surprised to have to take care of something when he arrives. Sicarius calls Evankhell and Evankhell reveals that he saved someone’s life. The Tower of God revealed Ha Jinsung’s sealing after Bam, and the team was ordered to bring this thing over. In the final chapter of Tower of God, Love calls Evankhell from Hell and the infamous Ruler of the testing floor.

Sicarius realizes that facing a high-ranking officer is a complicated situation. Evankhell makes his move, and Sicarius decides to buy some time and use a special ability: Mesh Net. Evankhell wonders if these nets are cobwebs and warns that they are flammable. She believes that Scarius is using punches to stop his fire attacks, which makes her think of her bad memories. Evankhell decides to burn Scarius to death; Sicarius notices that the fire is approaching and realizes that there is nothing he can do. Love realizes that the fire is going to affect her and tells Evankhell to wait as it will burn him to death.

Evankhell gets excited when she sees a door and realizes that she didn’t see that door when she arrived because she was too busy taking care of this guy. He also sees floating capsules and thinks that it is too much for a single deformation. Sicarius is happy that the main force reinforcements have arrived, which could change the situation. Evankhell tells him that they sent weak soldiers and that they will burn them, but he worries that they will keep showing up. He decides to lock the door and realizes that he has become more important than the other capsules.

Previously in Tower of God Chapter 518

Whitegarment talks to Sicarius, asking him where he is and if he is in danger; Sicarius realizes that his mother is here and Whitegarment admits it. She is the High Rank of the Lo Po Bia Branch, and Evankhell wonders why Scarius calls her Mom. Love thinks he looks scary and adapts to be more like a father. Meanwhile, inside the teleportation ship, the branch leader received a message that they had captured the regulars with the sealed ship carrying Ha Jinsung, and that they were in the process of taking action.

Orari tells them that he is on his way and realizes that they have some chores left, and tells his father that it is time to go. Yorari agrees and they move on; Lo Po Bia Orari and Lo Po Bia Yorari are candidates for branch chief and branch chief of the Lo Po Bia family. Later, they get the message that the sealing container will soon arrive and open the dock. Yorari notices it and reveals that it is there. They must act without wasting time because the princess has captured the irregular.

They realize that the Irregulars will accept their offer if they seal Ha Jinsung. Orari agrees with what her father says and suggests preparing for the Sealed Teleporter. They activate the seal’s teleporter, while on the other side, Asensio wonders if they’ll make it. Orari receives a call from Zahard’s army revealing that there is someone other than Ha Jinsung in the sealed container. They believe that there is a traitor and decide to stop the teleportation. Orari tells them to wait, and the soldier reveals that they are falling to stop the teleporter.

The Tower of God – Chapter 519 Release Date

Tower Of-God-Chapter 519 will be released on November 28, 2021. Orari realizes that he was unable to verify something and confirms that they are irregular. On the boat of the head of the family Lo Po Bia, the head of the family reveals that his squads have passed to the nest. The Family decided to continue sealing as they captured the irregular within the teleporter ship. Let’s see the official details of Tower of God-Chapter 519.

Read Tower of God-Chapter 519 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower-Of-God-Chapter 519 online on various websites. Tower Of-God sometimes releases its latest spoilers and updates after the final episode has been released. We do not have an official website to access the Tower-Of-God chapter. The Tower Of God Chapter 519 spoiler will be released this weekend. SIU’s message congratulates the students who passed the Korean SAT and wishes them a bright future. Let’s meet when Tower Of God-Chapter 519 is released.


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