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▷ ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Chapter 237 Release Date, Spoiler: The other members of Takemichi, Chifuyu’s new gang

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237, fans will learn more about the new gang of Takemichi and Chifuyu. The two have decided to form their own group to face the unbeatable captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey.

Takemichi is back in good shape after a month off. He is now fully healed and, with the help of his partner Chifuyu, is preparing to face Mikey in Chapter 237 of Tokyo Revengers.

The two began to form their group in the last chapter. While there are many questions about their plan to start a new gang, some of the former members of the Tokyo Manji Gang could be one of them.

Takemichi’s determination only grew stronger when he was released from the hospital. He is ready to face the world, including his worst enemy.

Despite all admiration, it cannot be denied that Mikey has become his greatest enemy. So he begins to recruit his most trusted friend Chifuyu, who knows Takemichi’s secret of the time leap.

Chifuyu swore his loyalty to Takemichi after Baji’s death. Now that they have their own gang, Chifuyu is sure to be their vice-captain while Takemichi plays the leader.

So who will be the other faces that will lead the group? Recent highlights have revealed that the only available members who can be part of the new gang are the first-generation legends of Black Dragon and Akashi Takeomi.

But Takemichi needs more. Terano managed to gather all the powerhouses under his control, but after his demise they all switched to the Kanto Manji Gang. So far, only Chifuyu can recruit new members, and fans may see more of them in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo Revengers chapter 236, Hina took Takemichi up to the rooftop to see the fireworks after crying out, Epic Dope reports. She reminded him of the first time they saw the fireworks.

At that time he was holding Naoto’s hand instead of Hina’s. He told her he worked hard to protect her and that his recklessness had made him endearing to people.

That gave him more allies, but also more people to protect. Hina also reminded Takemichi that he was the man to himself and not Draken or Mikey.

From then on, Takemichi vowed to get Mikey back on their side and said he would start his own gang. After a month he was taken care of and went to the pet shop in Palma, where Chifuyu worked.

Chifuyu thought he was trying to start an argument, but Takemichi instead asked him to join his team that would defeat the Kanto Manji Gang.

But Chifuyu only wanted to participate on one condition: the gang should be named Thousand Winters. Find out what happens next when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237 comes out on Tuesday, January 11th.


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