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▷ Platinum End Episode 9 release date, next Platinum End episode

Platinum End Episode 9 release date, next Platinum End episode

The Platinum End manga series was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. From November 2015 to January 2021, it was published in Shueisha’s monthly Jump Square magazine. The series tells the story of a student named Mirai Kakehashi, who makes a suicide attempt and is saved by his guardian angel, Nasse, who has not only sworn to protect him but also grants him special powers since he is one of the 13 chosen candidates. by different angels to assume the role of God, who will retire in 999 days. Viz Media owns the North American rights to Platinum End. The first episode of Signal anime’s MD television series, which will be based on the film, will air in October 2021.

Platinum End Episode 9 release date

The Platinum End Episode 9 release date is Sunday, December 2, 2021. You can also check the Platinum End Episode release date calendar, bookmark our website so you can easily come back and read an updated article if you get the release date has changed.

Platinum End Episode 9 Release Date

Platinum End Episode 9 will air at 06:28 PM JST. Every week, every Wednesday.

Final platinum release date

The release date for Platinum End will be October 7, 2021.


Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Where can I see Platinum End?

Catch Platinum End Episode 9 on Chrunchyroll. Watch Platinum End on VRV via Chrunchyroll if you are not in Japan. So how many episodes will it have?

How many episodes will she have?

It has been announced that the anime “Platinum End” will have a total of 24 episodes and will air from October 7, 2021. A new episode will air every week on Wednesdays at 6:28 pm JST.

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There was also an arrow that killed an enemy with a single shot, and another that made the person fall in love with it for 33 days, but only if the target was not under the spell of another person using red arrows. Seeing Mirai happy is something Nasse longs for. Saki Hanakago, God’s candidate, went to the same school as Mirai. Upon discovering that Mirai is not an assassin, Saki decides to join him in his quest to eliminate Metropoliman. Saki and Mirai grew up together, and after Mirai’s parents died, he was ridiculed at school, and Saki had no idea how to handle this because she is a girl.

The fact that Saki was present when Mirai attempted suicide prompted her to meet Revel as a candidate for the title of God. Even though Ravel is an angel who chose Saki, Nasse believes that Ravel is a cunning liar. Due to his past transgressions, he was demoted to the underclass. When it comes to Saki’s wings, Ravel manages to give her a red arrow and works hard to advance her rank. To Saki’s surprise, she lets her guard down and wonders if she’s really helping her or not.

Then when Ravel proved his worth, God promoted him to the front row and nicknamed him “Angel of Emotion”, because no angel had ever shed a tear before while conversing with a human, like Ravel did when talking to Saki. Ravel did what she was supposed to do and granted Saki’s wish for wings. Kanade Uryu is determined to become God at all costs and is willing to kill anyone who stands in his way. This is mainly due to the fact that Uryu’s paternal grandfather is the head of the famous Joso Academy. After becoming God, he has a desire to bring his sister back to life. Uryu has eliminated four opponents.


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