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▷ Platinum End Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 7 Recap

Platinum End Episode 7 it was very interesting how Mirai and Mukaido fought Metropoliman.

They failed to capture it when it escaped through their fingers.

Los Angeles also played a role in the battle as Nasse and Baret joined forces against Meyza.

Girl A, who had been killing girls after destroying their lives, also died in an explosion after trying to kill Mukaido.

The suites designed by Mukaido turned out to be very useful and saved Mukaido from the explosion.

Platinum End Episode 8 will reveal What happens next when Metropoliman eludes them?.

What will he do? He had cruelly killed Girl A after using her.

Can’t Metropoliman win against two or more enemies?

After talking to Mirai, Will Metropoliman think about his actions?

You understand the pain of losing someone precious in the family, so Will you reconsider your actions?

Now that Mirai and Metropoliman have come face to face and Meyza had faced Nasse; they know that a God Candidate with a special rank Angel is against them.

What will he do to take down Mirai? Will Mirai be defeated or will she kill Metropoliman?

Let us know what you think about it Platinum End Episode 8 in the comments below. What will happen next?

Platinum End episode 8 release date and where to watch it online?

Platinum End Episode 8 is scheduled to launch the next Friday, November 26, 2021.

Platinum finish episodes can be streamed online at Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Will be broadcast on VRV via Crunchyroll upon Friday at 01:28 AM JST.

Platinum End Episode 8
Platinum End Episode 8 will be released on Friday, November 26, 2021 (Image credit: Crunchyroll)

Platinum End Episode 8 spoilers and what to expect?

Platinum End Episode 8 Will develop the plot even further later Mirai and Mukaido face Metropoliman.

Since Mirai wasn’t ready to kill anyone, including Metropoliman, things seemed difficult for them as Metropoliman would never hesitate to use the white arrow.

The two-on-one fight seemed difficult enough for Metropoliman while fleeing the battle..

Nasse and Baret deal with Meyza.

What will Metropoliman do now? Why are you so determined to become God?

Is killing all candidates for God the only way for him to become God? Can he become God?

Even if he manages to kill all the other God candidates and is chosen to be the next God, Will he be able to revive his sister? How did she die?

What is Metropoliman doing now? Will you sacrifice more people in the name of justice?

How many people will you use as Girl A and throw them away after using them? If you know you are wrong, why not stop your cruelty?

Since Metropoliman has run away, What will Mirai and Mukaido do now? They need a new strategy to deal with it again.

Will Saki participate in the next battle? What will happen if Metropoliman discovers their true identities? Will Mirai give her life for Saki?

Let me know your thoughts on all of these questions in the comments below, and be sure to check out the Platinum End Episode 8 this coming Friday to find more.

Platinum End Episode 8
Platinum End Episode 8 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation (Image credit: Crunchyroll)

Platinum End Episode 7 Summary.

Platinum finish Episode 7 it was quite interesting how Mirai and Mukaido go head-to-head against Metropoliman.

They were chasing the serial killer girl A who has been murdering young and innocent girls.

Metropoliman had given girl A wings on the condition that she kill the girls.

Metropoliman did this to uncover the identities of more candidates for God by enraging them with his actions.

He believed that some of them could show up to save those girls, and he could kill them.

Unfortunately for him, two candidates for God appear. Mirai and Mukaido, dressed in their suites, come chasing girl A.

They were prepared for an encounter with Metropoliman and had effectively concealed their identities.

Girl A had been killing young girls, but shot them with red arrows and destroyed their honor before that.

When Mukaido was in front of her, Girl A attacked him.

Mirai saves Mukaido from hitting the ground. He asks Mukaido to keep fighting and not give up as he couldn’t bear to see him dead.

Thanks to Well designed suit from Mukaido, he was saved from the explosion and was not seriously injured.

On the other hand, Girl A was caught in the explosion and died.

While Mirai was fighting Metropoliman, Metropoliman challenged Mirai and told her that take away Mukaido’s powers.

I would kill him and also take his wings and arrows.

Mirai is enraged by her statement about how easily she would take lives to become God.

Mirai tries to reason with him, but he bumps into a solid wall.

Metropoliman He knows that killing people is wrong and he should not do it, but he still kills innocent people because he feels that it is the only way to become God.

Mirai explains the importance of family and friends in life.

But it turns out that Metropoliman had lost the family member he loved the most.

He could have been doing all of this to revive her after he became God.

But it is possible? What you think? Does this justify Metropoliman’s actions? Let us know in the comments below.

Mirai also wonders what life means to Metropoliman when she kills Girl A after using her.

Mukaido, back at his feet, explains to Mirai that they cannot reason with a madman like Metropoliman, and the only way to stop him would be to defeat him.

The battle between Mirai and Metropoliman that took place in the Great Tower was very severe.

This made the people of the city believe that he was a terrorist attack.

Nasse is helping Mirai while Mirai and Mukaido fight Metropoliman.

Platinum End Episode 8 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation (Image credit: Crunchyroll)
Platinum End Episode 8 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation (Image credit: Crunchyroll)

Mukaido reminds Mirai that if Metropoliman managed to remove the Wings or Arrows, they would be almost dead and that they must prevent it from happening at all costs.

They must also capture him and hit him with a red arrow to prevent him from becoming God.

But why didn’t Metropoliman use white arrows against these two?

Did you have other plans? Or was it someone other than Metropoliman who was helping him?

What if it turns out to be someone other than Metropoliman? Who could it be? Let me know what you think.

Metropoliman summons Meyza, his special rank angel, also known as the Angel of greed, to help you.

Nasse and Baret, the angel of knowledge, could face him in the next episode.

Platinum End Episode 8 It will provide you great entertainment with some amazing developments.

So enjoy the next episode coming. Friday, November 25, 2021.