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▷ My Hero Academia Season 6 Update: Release Window, New Trailer

My Hero Academia Season 6 is finally getting a release window and fans are excited to finally see the anime adaptation of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. A big fight between Deku and Shigaraki is imminent and it will be like no other.

A lot is still going to happen in the My Hero Academia franchise. In addition to the appearance of My Hero Academia season 6, Kohei Horikoshi has officially announced the approaching end of the manga, but there is a catch.

In a tweet, the anime’s official Twitter page revealed that the sixth season will be out in the fall of 2022, and the announcement came with a creepy trailer. The news was also announced on Weekly Shonen Jump, which only made anime fans even more excited.

The clip shows the heroes popular with the fans who prepare for the upcoming war in the midst of a threatening environment. Epic Dope noted that it seems to be a nod to how important this mission will be when all the heroes come together in Japan.

The teaser not only shows the main heroes, like Endeavor and Hawks, but also the students and UA staff. The teaser seems to reveal that everyone will be involved in this fight and one can only hope that the heroes will emerge victorious after showing All for One and Garaki’s devilish smile.

It looks like the villains have something up their sleeves when facing the heroes in My Hero Academia Season 6. While the preview doesn’t give any clues or spoilers as to what could happen, it does reveal what fans are about to see.

In a major war like this, viewers can expect more casualties, casualties, and more. In addition, Horikoshi gave an update on the manga series, revealing that it will end next year, as reported by Comicbook.

The update was revealed at the recent Jump Festa 2022, where a full My Hero Academia panel was held. There the mangaka wrote a letter to the fans that was visible to all and contained his plans for the manga.

He noted that he wanted to end the series around that time in 2022, though it would still depend on things going as planned. If the series continued to do this well, it would achieve its goal in just a year.

If the story does not progress as he would like, according to Horikoshi, the moderator of the panel, MC Daiki Yamashita, will read the same letter from him at Jump Festa 2023. In addition to the My Hero Academia season 6, fans should also keep an eye out for the manga version.


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