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▷ Measure op. Destiny Episode 8: Release Date and Spoilers

‘Bar Op. Destiny ‘is an action fantasy anime produced by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA. Set in the near future, the series revolves around the dramatic social changes in the lives of ordinary people after the arrival of an invasive alien species called D2s on the planet. Since these monsters hate music, it can be used as a powerful weapon against them. Knowing that they could pose an existential threat to humans, Takt Asahina vows to defend himself against the alien species and even makes a pact with a Musicart for this purpose. The first episode of the series was released on October 6, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Measure op. Destiny Episode 8 Release Date

The publication of ‘Takt Op. Destiny ‘Episode 8 is scheduled for November 24, 2021 in Japan. It airs on Japanese television, TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo at various times. Studio MAPPA and Studio Madhouse worked together to develop the series, with Yuuki Itou as director and Kiyoko Yoshimura as writer.

The character design is done by Reiko Nagasawa, chief animation director, while the musical composition of the series is done by Yoshihiro Ike. The opening song, bar, is sung by Mafumafu and Gaku, while the ending song, SYMPHONIA, is sung by Mika Nakashima.

Where can you get Takt Op. Watch Destiny Season 1 online?

Crunchyroll has’ Takt Op. Destiny ‘Season 1 Licensed for Streaming Outside Asia. The latest episodes are also available for streaming VRV available. People from Asia can watch the series Ani-One Asia and Bilibili Looking for. Hulu Japan and Netflix Japan also have the series in their catalogs.

Measure op. Destiny Episode 8 spoilers

In episode 7, after some cities in the south have been evacuated after the regular D2 sightings, Takt arrives in the region accompanied by his team. When asked, he reveals that he has been working on his own music since his visit to New Orleans. To everyone’s surprise, Destiny tries out what Cosette is like and even offers to help the refugees. In the meantime, Sagan succeeds again in thwarting Schindler’s evil plans, and he continues to support the clock movement in every way. When a large D2 attacks a city in the south, Takt and Destiny manage to destroy the monster.

But it soon becomes clear that it wasn’t alone. While investigating the D2s discovered near a mountain, they learn of Schindler and Jigoku’s power to awaken the aliens. It turns out that Schindler used his skills to purposely evacuate poorer settlements that he considers unworthy. In the end, he also confesses that he initiated the attack on the southern cities that killed Cosette. In episode 8, Takt swears, furious at Schindler’s unforgivable acts, to kill him. However, he will soon learn that his opponent is far more twisted than he could have ever imagined.


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