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▷ Love Doesn’t Lie Season 1: Where Are They Now?

The Netflix series Love Never Lies is a Spanish reality series in which six couples test their relationship for honesty and trust with the help of Eye Detect, an incorruptible indicator of lies. If everything goes well on this emotional roller coaster ride, you can not only strengthen your relationship, but also win a grand prize of up to 100,000 euros. But that’s easier said than done, because the brutally direct questions and the well-placed temptations create tension and drama. So let’s find out how all of the Season 1 opening couples are doing today.

Cristina and Carles – together

In the four years that Cristina and Carles were together before appearing on this Netflix production, they had endured heartbreak and trust issues that would be difficult for anyone else to get over. They were in a good position themselves, but because no one else believed they could do it, they decided to prove otherwise while improving their relationship – killing two birds with one stone. Fortunately, the two from Barcelona have managed to go hand in hand and still seem to be in love. Among other things, Cristina recently wrote on Instagram: I can tell you that it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!

Mar and Aleix – Together

Even though they were only in their early twenties, Mar and Aleix had been together long enough to know love. Her problem was safety, mostly because he thought she was jealous and she noticed his flirtatious manner. When they were separated in the Netflix original, Mar got closer to the single Diego she had chosen, but it wasn’t nearly as intimate as Aleix’s relationship with single Alexandria. After all, he not only shared the bed with the new one, but also kissed her a few times, among other things. Mar was furious, but she gave him another chance because she felt his remorse, and as far as we know, the relationship is still going well.

Adrian and Laura – together

With lies, infidelity and the feeling of being left out, Adrian and Laura’s relationship was tumultuous from the start. As seen on the series, he celebrates a lot but never invites his girlfriend while she is a bit possessive but still tries to be a good partner. So the truths that came to light between them were brutal to endure, and at some point it looked like Laura was going to kick him out. That never happened, and today the artist / soccer player and journalist continue to be an active part of each other’s lives. Even if they haven’t spoken out quite so publicly lately, they just enjoy their time together.

Kevin and Katherine – Separated

Given how things played out between them in the Netflix original and their doubts about his sexuality, Kevin and Katherine’s breakup comes as no surprise. The duo had embarked on the experiment to regain their partner’s trust after flirting with other people on social media platforms, but they left after breaking up on episode five. By this point, Katherine’s ex-boyfriend Elias had helped her realize the need to focus on herself and get better while Kevin flirted with single Lidia and kissed her. Where they are now we can’t say for sure, but it seems that Katherine and Elias are still together and Kevin is just enjoying life in Tenerife.

Jose and Fran – Together

Jose and Fran’s relationship began seven or eight years ago, depending on which of the two you ask, but they both agree it was love at first sight. The one year gap is due to Jose being with another woman at the time, which complicates both her past and her future. Fran wonders if his partner will leave him for someone else, especially since he caught him flirting on social media. His own controlling manner and emotional blackmail against Jose also came to light on the show, and yet they stuck together. Although the two Madrid-based residents prefer to keep their personal lives out of the social spotlight, there are signs that suggest they are still together.

Paula and Daniel – together

Paula and Daniel came to the luxurious mansion for Love Never Lies after going through a difficult period that created trust and affection issues that they wanted to overcome but couldn’t. Their love wasn’t the problem, but everything else seemed to be. When faced with questions that most people would shy away from in a turbulent relationship, they were as honest as possible. This honesty and mutual respect are the reason why the Granda natives were able to go home not only hand in hand but also with the grand prize. Daniel even admitted that he would marry Paula. So we’re happy to report that the two still seem in love and happier than ever.


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