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▷ Kingdom Chapter 700 release date, preview, and spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 700 release date, preview, and spoilers

Kingdom chapter 700 reveals the aftermath of Zhao and Kanki’s battle with the assembled generals at the meeting. This is Kanki, who was almost killed because he couldn’t tell the truth about why he killed the soldiers who surrendered. Sei also spoke about Zhao’s pain, and felt the same pain at a young age. But he thinks it would have been unnecessary if they had ruled another lawful state in the past. Kingdom focuses on Kanki’s victory and reuniting with the other generals. In the final chapter of Kingdom, Sei reminds the generals of the things Kanki has done and reminds them of the past.

Sei also talks about the different kingdoms becoming one nation and everything that led up to that. Kanki told him to relax and wondered if he was serious. He asks if the people would have become a nation after killing and taking land. Sei thinks he is and Kanki laughs at him. Kanki asks Kokuou to share his thoughts and wonders if Kokuou will live happily with Zhao. Kokuou replies that this cannot happen as Zhao tortured Raido after capturing him, and that he will kill them instead of living with them.

Sei admits that they are taking a difficult path, and Kanki also has her opinion and believes that King Qin expects too much from people. Sei adds that the King is right, and there is nothing wrong with that, as the King trusts people and uses a better way to become King of the land. He also says that the King is different from Kanki and that they have different views on this world. Kanki asks them what the next plan is.

Previously in Kingdom Chapter 699

Kanki asks Sei if they intend to kill him, and they are free to do so, but Sei will die with him here. He believes that it will be the end of the path of blood. Kanki adds that it will be better for living people, and Sei replies that if they don’t give a valid reason, he won’t hesitate to kill Kanki. But it is thanks to Marron who reveals the truth, but he will stick to what he thinks and let it happen. His men put away their swords, proving that they would not cause chaos. Kanki discusses her explanations with Marron and wonders if they are enough.

Sei reveals that he has other reasons for not killing Kanki. Sei reveals that Kanki killed Kochou, and it shocked him as he never thought Kanki’s army would be able to do this in battle. For Shouheikun, this was an exceptional achievement that had to be taken into consideration. When they put everything together, they conclude that they must leave Kanki for now. Kanki says that if he doesn’t give up the Big Six seat, he can help out at any time if need be.

Sei reveals that they need the power of the Big Six to unite nations, but his opinion of Kanki has not changed, and he is fine with him at the moment. He swears that if something like this happens again, he won’t hesitate to go after Kanki’s head. If Kanki dares to appear before the King with such evil deeds, he will cut off his legs. Sei left after saying this, and the narrative reveals that in Qin lore, they practice a way of correcting evil by exchanging heads on the battlefield.

Kingdom Chapter 700 release date

Kingdom Chapter 700 will be released on November 21, 2021. Records reveal that the Qin had many enemies slaughtered in battle, which explains the tradition of the Qin. But there is nothing recorded after Kanki cut down 100,000 soldiers. Later, King Qin met Shin, who asked him where they were while greeting each other. Let’s take a look at the official details of Kingdom Chapter 700.

Read Kingdom Chapter 700 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kingdom Chapter 700 online on various websites. Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 700 will be released this weekend, but the manga will not be taking a break. There is no access to the official manga site at this time, but fans can rely on spoilers and other websites. See you when Kingdom Chapter 700 is released.


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