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▷ Fans are now concerned about Jung Hae-In’s career over the snowdrop controversy

Fans are starting to worry about Jung Hae-in over the Snowdrop controversy. After his 2020 K-drama A Piece of Your Mind ended in no time, would the same thing happen again with the new JTBC series?

Snowdrop is repeatedly attacked for allegedly distorting historical facts. As a result, many fear for Jung Hae-in, as this controversy could ruin his career.

It’s not the first time the 33-year-old star has done a controversial project. As a reminder, when he was filming the tvN drama A Pierce of Your Mind in 2020, it was canceled because of the sluggish history, as AllKpop noted.

The series only had 12 episodes, four fewer episodes than originally planned. The show ended with a nationwide audience rating of just 1.2%, based on an audience rating of 2.4% for the premiere episode.

The second episode quickly dropped to 1.2%, which was a dramatic change. The drama reportedly didn’t get past the low ratings and even experienced some humiliation after earning the highest ratings for the first episode.

Even so, Jung Hae-in managed to pull himself up again with the success of his new drama DP. Unfortunately, the same thing could happen again with Snowdrop.

The series could be canceled earlier than expected due to the heavy reviews. Netizens claimed that his bad acting choices could affect his career. One fan said he was going to ruin his life while another said he should be careful when choosing his next project.

Snowdrop is now facing a violent backlash and has even received 200,000 signatures for a Blue House petition to cancel the show, reports Pinkvilla. Some believe the show skews the historical representation and facts, which hurts public sentiments.

The show’s sponsors even withdrew their support, admitting that they wanted to be associated with the show’s main stars, Jisoo and Jung Hae-in from BLACKPINK, but not the backlash.

So they decided to stop supporting the drama. Some even withdrew their products from the series.

Despite the worsening situation, JTBC and Disney Plus have not yet issued an official statement on the allegations. Jung Hae-in and Jisoo have not broken their silence either.

The fans who continuously support the series hope that Disney Plus will continue to air the series on its platform as it is a private streaming service. Some fear that JTBC may stop broadcasting Snowdrop due to civil and government restrictions.