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▷ Does Miguel Die in This Is Us Season 6?

This Is Us delves into the romantic, family, and professional affairs of the Pearson. The NBC family drama, which primarily revolves around Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and started by Dan Fogelman, explores Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) influence their children. The soulful series is known for its iconic and heartwarming romantic couples, from Jack and Rebecca to Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson).

However, the marriage of Rebecca and Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) is one of the most interesting relationships, as the latter is the best friend of Rebecca’s late first husband. Their connection is sweet and gentle, and while Miguel cannot replace Jack, he is an important member of the Pearson family. Understandably, fans are concerned about Miguel’s fate last season. After all, he gets old and is part of a series that regularly documents the deaths of popular characters. So does Miguel die in season 6? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is miguel dying?

As Season 6 begins, we see that Miguel is safe and sound and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. Nicky also moved in with Miguel and Rebecca, and the three of them appreciate each other’s company. In the first episode, Rebecca struggles intensely with her memory. This continues when she walks into the train park with Miguel, Nicky, and Kate’s babies. Finally, over dinner on her 41st birthday, she informs her children of the results of her PET scan.

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Miguel is by their side, reassuring the Big Three that doctors are very optimistic about the Alzheimer’s drugs that are coming out. Rebecca later becomes annoyed by Nicky’s self-pity; she explains that life is too short and that they have to go on a road trip to see Sally. Nicky and Miguel stare at her and silently agree. Before going to bed, Rebecca finally manages to pronounce the word caboose, which she has been trying to remember all day. When she gets emotional, Miguel comforts her.

So things are going well between Miguel and Rebecca, even if Rebecca’s cognitive health continues to deteriorate. However, fans are concerned about Miguel’s fate, as he does not appear in the final flashback at the end of season 3. This is understandably shocking as one would expect Rebecca’s husband to be by her side in her final moments. In fact, Nicky is by Rebecca’s bed instead. Also in the other flashbacks that are part of season 4 and season 5, Miguel does not appear.

Now it could be that Miguel is only in the other room and is not really dead. However, Fogelman, Metz and Moore have hinted that important characters will die in the final season. We also know that a large part of Season 6 will shed light on the beginnings of Rebecca’s and Miguel’s relationship. At the beginning of the series, Rebecca loses Jack, and in a twisted way it makes sense for her to lose Miguel at the end too.

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When asked what surprised her about the development of her character in season 6, Moore admitted: Maybe who she [Rebecca] chooses to lead them in case something should happen to Miguel. When asked about the possibility that Kate and Miguel might die, Fogelman replied: It is possible. I mean, if you’re not showing someone on this show, it’s usually either to reveal something or for a reason. I think we have more surprises and twists in store. I don’t know if any of these will be this disastrous.

Of course, fans are now wondering if Miguel will really die by the end of the series. After all, he’s old and can easily develop age-related health problems. Plus, it makes sense that Rebecca is only surrounded by the big three in her final moments. People will cheer for the characters’ health issues. And what that means for the family and the decisions that have to be made – the dynamics of the children in the family, revealed Metz.

Two very important characters, we will see the end of their journey and that is always so difficult. It will be a lot, she added. So it won’t surprise us if Miguel dies in Season 6 when we really want it to! Unfortunately, the series is known for being a potty, and Miguel’s death fits its emotional premise. However, it is guaranteed that Miguel and Rebecca’s journey will be touching and heartwarming; it will show why Miguel is as important as anyone to Pearson.


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