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▷ Black Clover Chapter 315 Spoiler: Lucifero’s Vessel Against. Black Bulls’ Ultra Giant Black Bull

In Chapter 315 Black Clover there will be a great battle between Lucifero’s ship and the Black Bulls’ Ultra Giant Black Bull. Now that Lucifero is making everyone feel his threat, will he fully manifest himself this time?

Lucifero forms all lower devils into a solid mass, which turns into a vessel in which he can manifest himself. Will fans finally see him through this medium in Black Clover chapter 315?

Epic Dope found that despite Lucifero’s terrible move, the Black Bulls remain determined to defeat the ruler of the underworld. They use their magic to form an Ultra Giant Black Bull that can take on its massive mass.

A great battle ensues: will the good defeat the bad? Elsewhere, Mereoleona manages to impress everyone with her eagerness to fight.

She’s not afraid to face anything that gets in her way, even the devil Morris. She simply proves that she is a beast in combat and shows what she can do in her fight against the devil.

Many praise their attack on Hellfire Incarnate; they believe she has already killed Morris. Now that the Black Bulls have turned into a mecha-like fighter, Lucifero must get ready in Black Clover chapter 315.

However, it remains to be seen whether Lucifero will really show up. According to recent highlights, nobody wants Morris to be the final villain after being defeated by the supporting characters instead of the protagonists.

The appearance of Lucifero could mean that Asta and Liebe will have their big moment again. Sure, they’ve all shown a great fight to everyone, but the fight is far from over for the two of them.

From here, fans might also wonder if Love has already told Asta about his past. In the meantime, the new chapter could also affect the two captains, Yami and William.

Are You Really Saved? If so, the wrinkles and cracks on their faces raise questions about their safety.

Now that Yami and William are out of the woods, many thought the emergence of Qliphoth would cease and that no more gates would be opened. But Morris’s intrigues say otherwise.

After Lucifero took over the fight, the second gate opened and the lower devils came out. This causes the knights to prepare for yet another ultimate battle, but Lucifero appears to have other plans.

The devils are pouring out and Lucifero has fused them all into one giant monster that can be his vessel. With that said, it looks like fans will see him in full when Black Clover Chapter 315 comes out on Sunday, November 28th.