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▷ 7 films like King Richard that you must see

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, King Richard is a biographical sports drama that tells the true story of Richard Williams (Will Smith), whose daughters Venus and Serena are set to become two of the greatest female athletes of all time. King Richard documents the rise of the sisters and the role of their father in it. It also sheds light on the dynamics of the Williams family, not just between Venus, Serena and Richard, but also with Richard’s wife and three stepdaughters. If you’ve seen King Richard and loved it, here is a list of recommendations for you. Most of these King Richard-like movies can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Ali (2001)

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Like King Richard, Ali Smith stars as the legendary Muhammad Ali, following his path as he wins the heavyweight championship for the first time, embraces Islam, and ignores drafting into the American military to fight in Vietnam. Ali’s boxing license, passport and title were then revoked. The final part of the film shows Ali trying to get a fight against Joe Frazier to recapture the heavyweight championship.

6. The Fighter (2010)

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Another boxing biopic, The Fighter, revolves around the complex relationship between half-siblings Micky Ward and Dick Dicky Eklund. Despite the promising beginnings of his career, Micky has become a stepping stone for other boxers in pursuit of championships. Meanwhile, Dicky struggles with a crack cocaine addiction and the delusion of one day returning to the ring. While the career paths of the Williams sisters and Mickey and Dicky have little in common, both King Richard and The Fighter demonstrate the importance of family to an athlete’s advancement. Plus, both films try to be more than a standard sports biopic, and they succeed. Neither tennis nor boxing are the focus of the narrative of these films. The relationship dynamics take this place in both cases.

5. Dangal (2016)

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‘Dangal’ is one of the most successful Indian films of all time. It follows the real story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters. Phogat used to be an amateur wrestler who had to give up his dream of winning medals for his country. Years later, he notices the innate fighting talent of his older daughters Geeta and Babita and decides to train them to achieve things he could never achieve himself. Like Richard, Phogat is a devoted father who notices how remarkable his daughters are and is committed to ensuring that they get everything they need to achieve their goal. Both Richard and Phogat make mistakes along the way that cause pain in their daughters, but they always have the best of intentions in their hearts.

4. Field of Dreams (1989)

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On the face of it, Field of Dreams is a fantasy sports drama about a farmer (Kevin Costner) creating a baseball field in his cornfield that attracts the attention of some late great baseball stars. But just like King Richard, the film is a haunting commentary on the subject of fatherhood. In addition, both films celebrate the respective sports in an unconventional way. Costner has made several sports films, but Field of Dreams may be the best of all.

3. The Tennis Prince (2006)

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Based on the popular manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi, The Prince of Tennis tells the story of the rise of twelve-year-old tennis prodigy Ryoma Echizen. He returns to Japan from the United States after his father, a well-known tennis player, asked him to do so, and enrolls at the prestigious Seishun Academy. Ryoma has a few things in common with Venus and Serena. Like her, he carries the burden of extraordinary talent and feels responsible for turning it into success in adulthood. And like Richard with the sisters, Ryoma’s father becomes a driving force in his career.

2. The Blind Side (2009)

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‘The Blind Side’ is the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, which is based on the true story of former NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher. In the film, Michael had a difficult upbringing until the Tuohy family took him in. He develops a close bond with every member of his adoptive family, but his relationship with Leigh Anne, the Matriarch, is at the heart of the narrative. Like King Richard, The Blind Side also shows that it takes the vision of a loving but strict parental figure to lead a gifted individual to a full life.

1. Borg vs. McEnroe (2017)

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Both King Richard and Borg vs. McEnroe credibly portray the talent and dedication it takes to compete at the cutting edge of tennis. The films show that raw talent is not always enough to assert oneself on the world stage . A player must also devote himself to refining his skills until they are incomparable. Borg vs. McEnroe revolves around one of the greatest tennis rivalries of all time, between Björn Borg and John McEnroe.


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