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▷ 6 must-see vacation movies like 8-bit Christmas

Despite not getting what he wants, Winslow Fegley’s Jake Doyle is a winner in 8-Bit Christmas. Directed by Michael Dowse, the Christmas comedy is staged with care and precision, and the finale isn’t as disappointing as it seems. The story follows the child Jake in his desperate search for a Nintendo, while today’s Jake remembers the incident with his daughter. If you liked the bittersweet family atmosphere, we have a few suggestions ready. Most of these 8-bit Christmas-like movies can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

6. Stay Alive (2006)

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William Brent Bell’s slasher horror Stay Alive is downright cheesy, but plenty of creepy. It’s also the only slasher movie from Disney to date. After playing the eponymous cursed video game, Loomis, Rex and Sarah die in the same way as their avatars in the virtual worlds. The crazy premise makes for a film with boiling tension, unwanted laughter and sometimes simple outrage. The blending of reality and CGI is excellent, however, and the tension wouldn’t force you to watch until the end. If you’re another story of video game obsession like 8-bit Christmas but want to change the tone for something darker, this is a movie to add to your bucket list.

5. Home Alone (1991)


Directed by Chris Columbus, Home Alone is the ultimate Christmas movie. Christmas looks terrible for Kevin when his parents leave him behind, but he’s at least allowed to play adult for a while. However, the situation becomes even more difficult when a group of thieves try to break into the house. Macaulay Culkin delivers an iconic performance in the lead role, and the lack of parental characters makes for an adventurous and suspenseful drama. If you are in the mood for another Christmas adventure after 8-Bit Christmas, you should invest your money in this film.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

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Who needs a Nintendo when you have a wardrobe that takes you to a magical land? The fantasy adventure film, directed by Andrew Adamson, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is probably made for Christmas. Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund wander through their thorny closets to reach Narnia, a land where it’s always winter. It is probably the fate of the siblings to free the country from the iron clutches of the Ice Queen. There’s an elf, a talking lion, and an evil queen that make the adventure exciting and epic. If you’re looking for another snowy affair after 8-Bit Christmas, this movie is a perfect start to the holidays.

3. WarGames (1983)

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The action adventure film WarGames, directed by John Badham, is an 80s classic. Lazy computer genius David prefers to hack into computers than attend class. In the presence of his best friend Jennifer, David tries to hack into the computer company Protovision. However, he accidentally connects to the war mission plan system. While David thinks he’s playing a game, he may start the next nuclear war. This premise makes internet drama a masterpiece full of paranoia, danger, and pitfalls. If you want to travel back to the 80s, when little Jake and the Nintendo lived 8-bit Christmas, there is hardly a better recipe than this.

2. Where Is the Friend’s Home? (1987)

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Abbas Kiarostami, a world cinema writer, doesn’t need an introduction to film fans. And the family drama Where’s the friend’s house? (‘Khane-ye dust kojast’) is probably one of the director’s best works so far. If you think adult life is difficult, give Ahmed a try. Ahmed has to do his homework, get milk and listen to his parents’ occasional banter. He is also haunted by a new worry when he accidentally swaps one of his friend’s notebooks for his own. Fearing the strict teacher, he set off for the village on the other side of the hill to return the notebook to his friend. 8-Bit Christmas is a reminder of the importance of the little good deeds in life, and this movie gem reinforces that message.

1. Toy Story (1995)

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John Lasseter’s animated comedy Toy Story has become a permanent fixture in the canon of classics, and for good reason. Woody, a toy cowboy, is Andy’s most precious possession and Woody is happy to be of service. However, when Andy receives the coveted Buzz Lightyear, Woody fears losing his important place in Andy’s life. Together with other toys, he forges a plan to shut down the man (or rather the toy) in the spotlight. After all, 8-Bit Christmas is a movie about gifts, and before Nintendo existed, there were toys!


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