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▷ 12 Dates of Christmas Season 1: Where Are They Now?

HBO Max ’12 Dates of Christmas is an engaging dating reality show that puts three entrants from a pool of singles to find someone special enough to take home over the holidays. Season 1 was all about Chad Savage, Faith Fernandez and Garrett Marcantel, who were courted by several other singles in hopes of finding the perfect match. Now that the cameras are no longer on the attendees, fans are dying to know where they are now. Well we have the answers!

Chad Savage and Kate Steinberg

At first, Chad Savage showed great interest in several women, but eventually became attracted to Kate. As the season progressed, viewers witnessed the two grow closer and build an excellent relationship that seemed to last. The chemistry between the two, their dedication and dedication were exemplary, but Chad’s marriage proposal in the season finale took the two of them relationship to the next level.

After the series ended, Chad and Kate made their relationship official on Instagram, and Kate even showed off her beautiful engagement ring. Also, when they saw it again in season 1, Chad mentioned that he was moving to Chicago with Kate and even informed his fans that they had signed a rental agreement together. A look at their social media profiles shows that they kept their fans up to date on their lives and posted beautiful pictures together until June 2021. Although the couple have not been featured on each other’s profiles since then, we can confirm that Chad was living in Chicago at the time. So, while their current relationship status remains unclear, circumstances suggest that they might still be together.

Faith Fernandez and Anthony Assent

Though it initially looked like Faith was developing feelings for her co-star Chad Savage, the game changed for her with the arrival of Anthony Assent. She quickly took a liking to Anthony, and the two became a couple over the course of the season. Fans loved the chemistry between the two and were overjoyed when Anthony and Faith made plans to move in together in the season finale.

The couple were serious about their relationship and wanted to move in together after filming, but the pandemic thwarted them. Although they decided to keep bonding and trying a long distance relationship, the distance and communication gap between them seemed too big of an obstacle to overcome. The couple had already decided to go their separate ways before they reunited in Season 1, and although they received some criticism for allegedly putting in less effort, Faith defended their connection, saying she made a best friend in Anthony .

At the moment, Anthony appears to be single and is enjoying life to the full. He has also traveled extensively and keeps his fans updated through his social media profiles. Faith Fernandez, on the other hand, is working hard on her own fashion brand There She Is, which will be launched on November 26, 2021. Although she is now living her own life, it seems she is currently single as well, as there is no mention of anyone special in her life on her social media or reports.

Kevin Drouin and Skyler Sheron

Originally, Kevin was supposed to be Faith’s date, while Chad was supposed to be courted by Skyler. But soon the two lost interest in the main actors and instead looked for the spark they found in each other. Their mutual attraction was imminent, and they soon began a relationship that fans hoped would last. By the way, Kevin and Skyler dropped out of the show together and left as a couple.

Unfortunately, Skyler and Kevin are no longer together. After filming, the two tried to keep their relationship going, but the long distance relationship soon fell apart due to the great distance between their hometowns. Skyler even made their status clear when they saw each other in season 1, confirming that they had split up, albeit amicably. Currently, both Skyler and Kevin prefer to have private lives and are not very active on social media. Though the reality TV stars have not been associated with anyone since they left the show, their current dating life is pretty obscure due to their privacy.

Garrett Marcantel

The show’s only gay lead actor, Garrett Marcantel, had a memorable time on 12 Dates of Christmas. He made a lot of contacts and even showed interest in a few dates. However, by the end of the season, he revealed he hadn’t found anyone to develop a relationship with, so he decided not to take anyone home for the holidays.

After ending the season without a partner, Garrett appeared on the season 1 reunion and revealed that he is still single. Although he is currently enjoying a wonderful and prosperous life with friends and family, it seems like he is still single and has not found anyone worth starting a relationship with.